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Main Categories:
Smoke Eaters - Home page for un-biased reviews and comparisons.
Home Smoke Eater - Reviews and comparisons on residential smoke air cleaners.
Commercial Smoke Eaters - Industry experts rate top selling commercial smoke eaters.
Industrial Smoke Eaters - Smoke eater reviews for factories and plants.
Portable Smoke Eaters - Comparisons of moveable smoke eaters by top industry experts.
Cigarette Smoke Eaters - Industry experts compare and review smoke removing air purifiers.
Cigar Smoke Eaters - Engineers and experts discuss the top selling cigar smoke eaters.

Restaurant Smoke Eaters - Comparison chart of restaurant smoke eaters.
Bar Smoke Eaters - Air purification experts comments & comparison chart on bar smoke eaters.
Bowling Smoke Eaters - Bowling Alley smoke eater reviews, comparisons, and chart.
Casino Smoke Eaters - Unbiased reviews of the industry's top selling casino smoke eaters.
Bingo Hall Smoke Eaters - Comparisons and reviews on bingo hall smoke eaters.
Office Smoke Eaters - Learn the pros and cons for office smoke eaters with a helpful chart.
Welding Smoke Eaters - Experts rate and review welding smoke eaters.
Electronic Smoke Eaters - Learn the differences in filter technology for electronic smoke eaters.
Electrostatic Smoke Eaters - Comparison chart for electrostatic smoke eaters: pros, cons, apps.
Carbon Filter Smoke Eaters - Industry experts discuss the top selling carbon filter smoke eaters.
Electronic & Carbon Filter Smoke Eaters - Electronic & Carbon Filter smoke eater chart.
UV, Electronic & Carbon Smoke Eaters - UV, Electronic & Carbon smoke eater reviews.
Ozone Smoke Eaters - Top industry experts rate and review ozone smoke eaters.

Smoke Eater Manufacturers:
Air Quality Engineering - History and chart on AQE smoke eaters.
United Air Specialists - Reviews on UAS smoke eaters.
Trion Inc - Trion Inc. smoke eaters rated and reviewed.
NQ Clarifier - Industry experts compare NQ Clarifier smoke eaters.
Austin Air - Austin Air comparison chart and expert reviews.
Blue Air - Air purification experts review Blue Air smoke eaters.
IQAir - Learn the history of this Swiss company and why their smoke eaters have been on the forefront of industry standards.

AQE X-400 - This review is by Dr. Donnelly about the residential smoke air cleaner manufactured by Air Quality Engineering.
AllerAir 9400 CM - This review is by Mr. Rod Yarbrough about the AllerAir 9400 CFM designed by Aller Air industries.
SmokeMuncher XL and Xl Deluxe - This review is by Mr. Dave Kuck about the BPA SmokeMuncer XL series.


product comparisons and reviews for smoke eater air cleaners from indoor air quality experts