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Allerair 9400 CM: Smoke Eater Review

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AllerAir 9400 Smoke Eater Review

Professional home smoke eater expert"High quality filters in the Allerair 9400 CM residential air purifier are paired up with a less than desirable fan and enclosure resulting in low efficiency..."

Allerair 9400 CM Home Smoke Eater Air Cleaner

During my years in the air quality control industry, I've seen a substantial evolution in home air purifiers and home smoke eaters.  The Allerair 9400 CM, which has been on the market for several years, is a good example of this evolution of technology

In its inception several years ago, the Aller Air 9400 CM was a decent machine able to remove basic airborne pollution.  Although innovative at the time,  Allerair 9400 CM's design and technology have become dated.  Even though Allerair 9400 CM has a large HEPA filter and several pounds of activated carbon to trap particles and remove chemical fumes and odors, there are flaws in this air purifier.  Originally designed for commercial use, we now only recommend the Allerair 9400 CM as a residential air cleaner or home air purifier.

Allerair 9400 CM doesn't offer sophisticated internal sealing and there is no fan speed control; the unit is either on or off.  It has an old style propeller fan that is louder than newer units that move more air. 

Let's compare the Allerair 9400 CM with the more recently designed Smoke Muncher XL to see how newer technologies improve residential air cleaners.

Smoke Muncher XL's advanced engineering provides a tighter air seal design and maximizes the effectiveness of the unit.  Smoke Muncher XL comes with a 3 speed fan for increased energy efficiency.  It also features an intelligently designed tar barrier pre-filter, saving costs by prolonging the life of the HEPA filter.  While Allerair 9400 CM is highly capable of eliminating smoke and odors for 375 square feet, newer technology allows Smoke Muncher XL to effectively cover 500 square feet.  Smoke Muncher XL's updated fan allows it to move more air through the system, which means greater reduction of smoke and toxic vapors.  In fact, Smoke Muncher XL's air flow is rated at 560 cfm (cubic feet per minute), making it more powerful than any other home smoke eater on the market today.

Even with all these additional benefits, Smoke Muncher XL is actually less expensive than Allerair 9400 CM.  I have built a long and successful career in this business by giving my customers honest advice on the products I sell.  Compare for yourself and see which residential air purifier is best for your requirements.

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