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Table Top or Wall Mount Smoke Eaters Review Center

Simple and Effective, Table and Wall Mounted Smoke Eaters Work Well in Any Small Room.

If you are a very light smoker and need smoke filtration for a small room, a table top or wall mounted smoke eater may be perfect for you. They are not as strong as portable or room smoke eaters, but can work well to cut down a small amount of smoke and odor. Just a little quick fix. They also work well in a kitchen, to use while frying up some bacon or as a little back up when you burn the cookies... again.

We asked the manufacturers themselves which table top and wall mount smoke eaters do their job the best. Surprisingly, it's not the leading ionic air purifier, which works as well as a dresser gathering dust.

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Product Pros Cons Features Application MSRP
BlueAir 301 with  SmokeStop Filter
BlueAir 301 w/SmokeStop Filter Air Purifier
• HEPA or better level of efficiency

• 10 year warranty

• Sleek design

• Earth friendly filters and materials

• Filters must be replaced every 6 months to qualify for 10 year warranty

•  No indicator light or gage to show when the filter needs replacement

•  Very little activated carbon for removal of odor or gases

• Nearly silent operation is great for a bedroom at night

• Combination of media filter and internal ionization gives HEPA or better efficiency

• Delivers clean air at a high rate, quietly and efficiently

• Room up to 365 sq ft

• Light tobacco smoke

• Bedroom, Living room, Small Office

• People with allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions

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UAS Smoke Eater SE20
UAS Smoke Eater SE20 Air Purifier
• No costly filters to replace

• Small footprint takes up little space

• Requires periodic maintenance

• Only can handle a very small room

• Can not be ceiling mounted

• Can be portable

• Table top or wall mount

• 2 speed control

• Up to 340 CFM will handle moderate smoke in a room up to about 210 sq ft

• Small office, break room, bedroom, bathroom

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We at have compiled a list of reviews from the engineers and manufacturers for the best table top and wall mounted smoke eaters available today. The chart above simply puts out the benefits, drawbacks, and special features, in a completely unbiased way. We are not working for any single manufacturer, in fact, we're not even selling anything. So, no one is greasing our palms. We just want you to know what we know. Which table top or wall mount smoke eater works the best? Read this, we have done all the research you will need to know the answer to that question.

Keep in mind that a table and wall mounted smoke eaters can only minimally clean the air, they will not work well for a moderate to heavy smoker or handle someone that knows dinner is done when the smoke alarm goes off. But, they can handle a few cigarettes now and then or maybe a cigar or smoky fried bacon. Be sure to know realistically how much smoke you will probably need to keep up with cleaning from the air when you are looking for a table top or wall mounted smoke eater.


product comparisons and reviews for smoke eater air cleaners from indoor air quality experts