Airpura BPA Smokemuncher XL room smoke eater product review for residential smoke eaters written by indoor air quality expert
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BPA SmokeMuncher XL / SmokeMuncher XL Deluxe by Airpura

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BPA SmokeMuncher XL Review

Home smoke eater expert reviewer"BPA SmokeMuncher by Airpura emerges as the next generation of quality in residential smoke eaters..."

Having years of experience in the indoor air quality control industry, I have seen many home smoke eaters come and go.  Although many residential air cleaners look similar, their attributes can vary widely, and thusly affect how efficiently they actually clean the air.  After researching several different models, I've found BPA's Smoke Muncher XL and Smoke Muncher XL Deluxe by Airpura to be one of the most effective stand-alone units you can buy to help keep your home smoke and odor free.

Virtually all homes have some issues with airborne pollution, particulate matter and odors, especially those with smokers.  Cigarette smoke alone has over 4,000 different chemical properties. The Smoke Muncher line of air cleaners removes a certain percentage of pollutants from the volume of air they treat.  They are designed to remove 100% of tobacco smoke and odor, not 100% of all allergens.

My years of industry experience have taught me that once you remove the visible particles of smoke, only half the problem is solved; you still have to contend with harmful gases and odors.  To combat this, Smoke Munchers use a 3 inch thick bed containing 30 pounds of granulated activated carbon, more than any other residential air cleaning machines.

BPA SmokeMuncher Home Smoke Eater by Airpura

Wall mounting brackets are used to lift the smoke eater up near the ceiling where it can capture smoke as it is created.

Horizontal Wall Bracket
Smokemuncher Smokeater Bracket Mounting Hardware for Smoke eater
Vertical Wall Bracket
Smoke Eater Mounting Bracket Mount Smoke Eater Near Ceiling

Carbon is activated (chemically or with high temperature steam) to produce an extensive network of pores.  These pores provide sites for the adsorption of chemical contaminants in gases or liquids.  Smoke Munchers trap smoke and odors within the activated carbon, providing clean air for small and medium sized rooms.

The BPA Smoke Muncher XL Deluxe offers the additional feature of potassium-iodide, also known as "deluxe blend" and "super blend".  While the activated carbon traps the harmful gases and odors, potassium permanganate creates a chemical reaction that destroys gas and odor molecules through a chemical oxidation process.

Other residential smoke air cleaners on the market just don't measure up to the task like the BPA Smoke Muncher XL and XL Deluxe.  These efficient home smoke eater units have fans with airflow ratings that exceed industry standards, allowing smoke and odors to be trapped in the Smoke Muncher filter, not your lungs. Tobacco, for example, contains 500 times the concentration of carbon monoxide considered safe in industrial plants.

When you put the Smoke Muncher next to other air purifying machines, the differences are obvious.  Unlike cheaper, poor quality home air cleaners, the Smoke Muncher comes pressure sealed, has felt gaskets in the filter chamber and uses powder coated all metal housing rather than plastic, which eliminates any potential off-gassing.

Listening to my customers' concerns over the years has enabled me to find the best quality home air purifiers for their needs. Don't be fooled by flashy advertising or bargain prices on less effective equipment - Smoke Munchers really do the job.  Quality workmanship and innovative design give Smoke Munchers a significant advantage over other "like" air cleaners.

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