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Electronic & Carbon Smoke Eaters Review Center - Electronic & Carbon Smoke Eater Chart

Industry Experts Reveal Personal Comparisons About The Most Effective Electronic & Carbon Smoke Eaters!

Electronic and Carbon Smoke Eaters use at least two different kinds of technologies. Electrostatic precipitation (the electronic part) works by alternately positive and negatively charged plates that attract particles like a magnet does metal shards. Electrostatic precipitation can collect even the smallest particles of smoke and has been approved by ASHRAE standards to clean 98% of smoke and other particles from the air. Carbon filters consist of a media filter made up of activated carbon. Activated carbon absorbs smoke odors like a sponge and is the most effective at absorbing most any odor. However, like a sponge, the larger the amount, the more it can absorb. Be aware that sometimes an electronic and carbon smoke eater will come with only a few layers of activated carbon, but the most effective ones will come with a few pounds of carbon. The more carbon, the less often these filters will need to be changed.

Also, in addition to electrostatic precipitation and carbon media filters, other media filters (like HEPA or HEGA) similar to those in you HVAC system or even ultraviolet light can help eliminate smoke from the air. Along with this helpful information we have compiled a simple to use chart and some reviews from the top minds in the electronic and carbon smoke eater industry. So, read away, my friend, and leave here knowing which electronic and carbon smoke eater will work best for you.

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Product Pros Cons Features Application MSRP
AQE C12 SmokeMaster Smoke Eater
AQE C12 Smoke Master Electrostatic Smoke Eater with Carbon
• Washable electronic cells means no filter replacement costs

• Higher CFM than media-based units

• COANDA 360° airflow pattern

• Regular maintenance required

• limited to 3 fan speeds

• Ceiling mount or Wall mount (w / kit)

• Can be fitted with odor-adsorbing carbon pads

• Bars, bingo halls, bowling alleys containing moderate amounts of smoke Call for discount
AQE X-400 Smoke Eater
AQE X400 Electrostatic Air Cleaner with Carbon

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• Main filters never require replacement.

• Inconspicuous - Grill fits flush with ceiling, cabinet hidden.

• COANDA Airflow pulls smoke up & distributes clean air.

• Includes odor controlling carbon.

• Requires periodic cleaning.

• Requires installation above ceiling.

• Only can handle one small enclosed room.

• Main Filter - Electrostatic Precipitator

• Post Filter - 2 Carbon Modules

• 3 Speeds

• Mounting brackets for standard 2'x2' ceiling tile.

• Home or small office where ceiling installation is possible.

• Up to about 500 sq ft room.

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AQE X11-Q SmokeMaster  Smoke Eater
AQE X11Q Smoke Master Electronic Ceiling Air Cleaner

• Main filters never require replacement.

• Inconspicuous - Grill fits flush with ceiling, cabinet hidden.

• COANDA Airflow pulls smoke up & distributes clean air.

• Up to 1250 CFM

• Requires periodic cleaning.

• Requires installation above ceiling.

• Electrostatic cell plus two activated carbon filters for smoke and odor control

• 3 Speed fan

• Bars
• Beauty solons
• Pool halls
• Bingo halls
• Bowling centers
• Conference Rooms
• Break rooms
• Hospitals
• Offices
• Photo/litho processors
• Restaurants
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Research this electronic smoke eater air filter

Trion CAC 1000 Electronic Smoke Eater
Trion CAC 1000 Electronic Air Cleaner

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• Washable electrostatic main filter cuts filter replacement cost to zero

• Hinged panel allows filter access without the use of tools

• More required maintenance involved than with media-based cigarette smoke eaters

• Higher initial investment

• Ultra-quiet fan at only 58 dbA on its highest setting

• Low Profile - only 3.8" exposed below ceiling level

• Small offices, home offices, break rooms up to 525 sq. ft. Call for discount

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Trion FM 1000E Electronic Smoke Eater
Trion FM 1000E Electronic Smoke Eater
• Above ceiling installation, fits into standard 2' x 4' ceiling tile

• Washable electrostatic filter cell

• Regular filter cell maintenance required to ensure optimal performance

• 19.63" deep -Requires considerable space above ceiling level

• 6-way air discharge, coanda airflow

• Can be modified for remote air discharge

• Restaurants
• Bars
• Taverns
• Offices
• Conference rooms
• Break rooms
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Sometimes, knowing which kinds of filters in a smoke eater work best can be pretty confusing. Especially when you have contradicting information going in both ears. The flat out truth is that the most effective ones are electronic and carbon smoke eaters. These use the technology of electrostatic precipitation and activated carbon filters.

Everyone knows that two is better than one. The same lies true for smoke eater technologies. Together with several engineers and technicians, has collaborated to bring you unbiased facts and opinions from the manufacturers of electronic and carbon smoke eaters themselves. We have information on more manufacturers and technologies of electronic and carbon smoke eaters than anyone else in the industry. Better yet, we're not trying to sell you one. We just want you to know what we and the experts know. What works best?


product comparisons and reviews for smoke eater air cleaners from indoor air quality experts