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Ozone Smoke Eaters Review Center - Ozone Smoke Eater Chart

Industry Experts Prove Ozone Smoke Eaters Are Not Just Full of Holes.

Ozone is all around us. It's in the atmosphere, you smell it after a thunderstorm,  It protects us from the sun's harmful rays and Its even is present at the bottom of a waterfall. where the air smells and feels fresh and clean. Ozone is a great thing then? Well, yes and no. Ozone is great, in very small amounts. Very, very small amounts.

The EPA and OSHA have proclaimed that large amounts or even small amounts of ozone over any prolonged period of time can be dangerous. Ozone is extremely unstable, it is made up of three atoms of oxygen, versus just the two that is in the air we breathe normally. This third atom wants to break off, it's really jittery. The way ozone smoke eaters work is that this third atom wants to bond... with anything. This atom will bond with dust, pollen, mold and smoke, which makes it heavy and fall to the ground for you to vacuum or wipe up.

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Due to the hazardous nature of ozone, we have eliminated these products from our line up.  Ozone generators and smoke eaters should be used with caution.  Inhaling ozone can cause health problems.

However, the problem with too much ozone is that it can bond with your lung tissue, the little hair-like follicles that help filter stuff from the air. This makes those little follicles stop working. Prolonged exposure to ozone can cause respiratory illnesses, aggravated asthma symptoms. Used in closed, uninhabited rooms, ozone smoke eaters can be a wonder cure for just about any pollutant or odor. Ozone seems to just suck it right out of the air, leaving only a light bleachy smell. Another drawback to ozone is sometimes this unstable molecule will just break apart and the third atom will bond with the wall or furniture.

Ozone smoke eaters work great for cleaning up smell and smoke after a fire, or in your living room after spending a toasty evening in front of some hickory logs. Know about ozone, it's benefits and drawbacks, before you choose an ozone smoke eater.


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