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UAS SE24: Smoke Eater Review

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Expert residential smoke eater product reviewer.
"Want a Smoke Eater that is built like a tank?  Let's look at the most installed commercial air cleaner in the past 30 years"

The UAS Smokeeter 24 is the pioneer of .commercial air purifiers.  More of these electronic air cleaners have been installed in bars, restaurants and print shops during my years in this business than any other type.  The UAS SE24 is the original brand name Smokeeter.

The UAS SE24 is an (ESP) electrostatic precipitator.   By electronically charging particles in the air, the SE24 has oppositely charged collector plates that capture contaminants like a magnet.  When the collector plates become full of residue, simply clean, rinse and dry the plates before returning to the unit.  You will notice how dirty the water is from the contaminants collected on the plates...what you don't see in the air can hurt you!

Benefits of the UAS SE24...

This durable air purifier is a compact system that mounts flush into a 2' x 4' suspended tile ceiling.  This unit is easy to get to for regular service and maintenance.  SE24 comes with a speed control switch allowing you to adjust the airflow as desired.  This electronic air purifier has a durable,  easy access cabinet made of 18 gauge steel.  This smartly designed machine also has an outlet diffuser grill that has 4-way adjustable diffusing vanes to create the most effective air pattern.

Features of the UAS SE24...

The SE24 features a layered aluminum mesh pre-filter to capture large airborne particles as they enter the unit, saving wear on the other filters.  This quality indoor air purifier also comes with a granulated carbon after-filter to further trap and reduce odors.

The UAS SE24 is easy to use and maintain...

Many of my long time customers still have UAS SE24's clearing smoke and cleaning the air in their businesses.  This hardworking air cleaner is the work-horse of it's generation.  This model has an old style squirrel caged fan and has a non-COANDA airflow.  This unit is scheduled to be discontinued in 2006.


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