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Trion SE800E: Smoke Eater Review

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"Looking for a high quality, competitively priced smoke eater for your recreation room, cocktail lounge or break room?  The Trion SE800E may be the air cleaner for you"

Secondhand smoke from tobacco is more than just a gray cloud, it's a genuine health hazard.  Did you know that cigarette smoke contains such components as arsenic, benzene and formaldehyde?  It also contains ammonia and carbon monoxide that are known to interfere with proper respiratory function.

By finding the right air purifier you can not only improve the comfort level of your environment, but also your respiratory health.  Let's take a look at one of my customers favorites, the Trion SE800E smoke eater.

Benefits of the Trion SE800E...

This model is a quiet, attractive unit that has a high capture efficiency that works well in places with light to moderate smoking activity.  SE800E has a low profile design making it inconspicuous and it requires no elaborate ductwork or installation.  This electronic air cleaner is hardwired and has a service indicator light that is activated when the unit is due for cleaning.

SE800E can be easily mounted in a 2' x 4' ceiling panel, recessed or surface mounted.  This efficient machine comes with a Forever Filter  and  2 aluminum mesh pre-filters. 

Se800E is an electrostatic precipitator.  In this system, as air enters the filter, particles pass through an electrical field that imparts a charge to these particles.  The charged particles then pass through a series of collector plates that are alternately charged, attracting the particles to the plates like a powerful magnet.

 Features of the Trion SE800E...

One of the best features of this air purifier is its innovative 4 stage cleaning process:

1) Contaminated air enters through a pre-filter that traps the larger particles, allowing more efficiency and life from the main filters.

2) The particles are then given an electrostatic charge.

3) Oppositely charged collector plates then attract the charged particles.

4) Clean air is then returned to the room.

To clean the collector cells of the SE800E, just soak for several hours in hot water and a non-caustic detergent, rinse thoroughly with clean water, let dry and then return to the unit.

 The Trion SE800E offers high quality for a competitive price...

Sure, you can spend more on electrostatic air cleaners, but why?  When you compare air purifiers it's easy to see why this is one of my best sellers.  Make your customers, employees and yourself happy and healthy with the best air purifier you can find in its price range.

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