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Trion Air Boss Model 75: Industrial Smoke Eater Review

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Trion Air Boss Model 75 Review

Expert residential smoke eater product reviewer."Having a difficult time finding an industrial air cleaner that meets your specific needs?  Trion's Model 75 is factory customized just for you".

Trion's Air Boss Model 75 is an electronic air cleaner that reduces harmful airborne particulates in industrial environments.  Innovative modular design allows this unit to be customized for your particular application.  This system is designed to make installation simple and requires no field assembly.  Just attach your electrical connection, plumbing and ductwork, and it's done.  Model 75 meets NFPA 96 standards for added convenience.

Featured Options of the Trion Model 75...

This system offers a wide variety of options to find the right solution for you to reduce the amount of indoor air pollution in your facility:

Fire Suppression Option - Weather tight enclosure includes ADP-S nozzles.

Adsorber Section - Activated carbon or optional potassium permanganate pellets for gas odors.

Media Section - Designed to house a variety of mechanical filters as required for a specific application.

High-Voltage Stand-Off Insulators - Made of self-glazing ceramic to insulate electrical current.

Spiked Ionizer Blade - Revolutionary technology made of stainless steel blades, not wires, eliminating costly replacements and downtime.

Ionizing - Collecting Cell - High efficiency multi-state collection cell to maintain high efficiency under heavy loads.

Unit Housing - 16-gauge zinc coated steel construction to protect against rust and corrosion.

Air Boss Model 75 gives you the flexibility to customize a system to remove harmful particle pollution from your work environment.  This air purifier is highly effective on airborne solids, liquids and odors.  It is available in various capacity ranges and there is an integral automatic cleaning system.

I've sold these quality customized industrial air cleaners to body shops and facilities where welding takes place.  The powerful Air Boss 75 effectively removes harmful particles from the air, making your workplace safer and more comfortable.

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