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Trion Air Boss M2500: Industrial Smoke Eater Review

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Trion Air Boss M2500 Review

"Air quality can be a major issue in industries such as welding, body shops and metal fabrication.  A good industrial air cleaner can greatly reduce particle pollution."

What exactly is particle pollution?  Particle pollution refers to a combination of fine solids and aerosols that are suspended in the air we breathe.  Particle pollution ranges in size from the tiny to the microscopic.  The human body's natural defenses allow it to cough or sneeze out large particles that enter the body.  Research shows particles smaller than 10 microns either get trapped in the lungs or pass through the lungs into the blood stream.

You may not even know you're breathing in dangerous particulate pollution, yet it can take years off of your life!  Regardless of their size, airborne particles can be harmful to yours and your employees health.  Studies demonstrate that particle pollutants penetrate into and are retained in the walls of small airways, damaging lungs much like cigarette smoke.

You can protect yourself and your investments by using a high quality industrial air purifier like the Trion Air Boss M2500.

Benefits of the Air Boss M2500...

The Air Boss M2500 is an industrial air cleaner designed for the general removal of airborne pollutants or source capture with ductwork positioned at the origin of pollution.  This unit is perfect for removing welding smoke, grinding dust, oil mist and any number of gas/odor pollution problems.

The Air Boss M2500 uses a media air cleaning technique that incorporates the Interception Filtration Principle.  This method involves polluted air being drawn through the pre-filter to remove large particles.  The micro-glass deep pocket media filter then removes submicron particles from the air by interception.  These particles are retained by the small diameter fibers in the filter.

Features of the Air Boss M2500...

This flexible machine offers easy installation; it can be suspended, wall or frame mounted.  The Air Boss M2500 is also flexible for your needs by offering multiple media filters and a variety of filter options.  This unit has a 3-speed fan control for greater airflow efficiency.  This powerful air cleaner can reach air volume of 1240 to 2010 cfm.  M2500 also has an optional gauge kit to indicate when the filters need to be changed.

If your welding shop or body shop has a problem with air quality, the Trion Air Boss M2500 is an industrial air purifier that provides great benefits for relatively small cost.

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