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AQE F73 Industrial Air Cleaner: Smoke Eater Review

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AQE F73 Review

"Trying to educate yourself about industrial air cleaners?  Let's research the AQE F73  air purifier and see if it fits your needs"


When my customers in the welding and metal working industries consult me about industrial air cleaners, I refer them to the Air Quality Engineering's F73.  This is a heavy-duty machine that's powerful and built for tough industrial environments.

Benefits of the AQE F73...

The F73 air purifier is one of the most versatile pieces of industrial air corrections equipment available.  The F73 can be used for ambient air or can be ducted to source capture a variety of contaminants.  Ducted source capture benefits workers greatly by drawing contaminants directly from their origin, keeping their work area free of pollutants.   The F73 has a self-contained media package that also incorporates new ESP (electronic plate and wire) Micro Glass filters for longer filter life and higher efficiency.

Features of the AQE F73...

The F73 features a powerful 6,000 cfm fan that provides a strong airflow.  This unit has 4-way adjustable exhaust louvers and offers an optional ventilation hood for hot process applications.  This rugged air cleaner is made for industrial applications with its two 70 pound heavy-duty electrostatic cells.  F73 also has up to 400 square feet of filter media area.

The F73 comes with a factory installed pressure gauge designed to determine the filter replacement cycle.  A solid state, dual voltage power supply is also provided.

In industries involving arc and tig welding, metal working or fabrication, air quality can become a major issue.  By using the F73, you can remove dust, mist, smoke and other harmful airborne contaminants from your work environment.

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