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Trion CAC 1000: Smoke Eater Review

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Tron's CAC1000 Smoke Eater

Dave - Trion CAC 1000 Smoke Eater Reviewer"With a huge industrial electronic precipitator packed into a little Coanda style smoke eater, the Trion CAC 1000 sucks up more smoke than any other Coanda smoke eater I've ever seen..."

Trion CAC1000 Commercial Smoke Eater

When I sell coanda style smoke eaters to restaurant owners, nightclub owners or office managers, they frequently have 4 main concerns:

  1. How much the commercial smoke eater is going to cost them,

  2. Will the air cleaner have a "small footprint" so that it is not an "eye-sore",

  3. How expensive is it to operate and maintain the air cleaner and,

  4. How much air will the air cleaner move.

When it comes to efficient airflow, the Trion CAC 1000 stands alone ahead of the pack.  This is the most powerful 2' x 2' unit available compared to any other commercial smoke eaters on the market today.  Using a Trion industrial electrostatic precipitator cell (ESP), it's twice as large as comparable smoke eater cells on the market allowing the CAC1000 to have more surface area to capture airborne pollutants.  The Trion CAC1000 smoke eater creates an airflow pattern that delivers optimal air volume exchange from a single unit placed above the contamination source.

The CAC 1000 tobacco smoke air purifier intake brings contaminated air into the center of the unit and, the sides of the air cleaner discharges clean return air out in 4 directions - this is known as the Coanda airflow pattern; smoky air rising through the center of the room and clean air flowing down the walls.  Since smoke rises, a centrally located ceiling mounted Coanda type CAC 1000 air cleaner is ideal for continuously filtering moderate to heavy tobacco smoke in a room up to 500 square feet (with a standard 8 ft ceiling).

The Trion CAC 1000 commercial air cleaners are ceiling mounted and designed to be practically invisible, with less than 4" of the unit extending into the room.  This units smart design lets you drop it into 1/2 of a standard 2' x 4' ceiling panel.  They can be semi flush or surface mounted for your convenience.  CAC 1000's are designed to operate without ductwork and installation is so simple it doesn't even require tools for the installation.  A three speed air controller is available, allowing for quiet air cleaning operation without bothering people within the vicinity due to loud noise.

The CAC 1000 is also one of the most economical commercial air cleaners available today.  By using an electrostatic precipitator, the need for costly filter replacement is eliminated saving you $1000's over the life of this commercial smoke eater.  For facilities that already have a regular maintenance schedule, cleaning the electronic cells should not be that big of a deal - taking approximately 10 minutes of your employee's time.  Furthermore, this air cleaner features a highly durable ionizing section, that uses metal fins instead of wires - Ionizing wires often break and create unnecessary downtime and will add maintenance costs that can be avoided through the use of these more advanced ionizing blades.

The CAC 1000's collector plates have the most plate surface area of any 2' x 2' electrostatic air cleaners, greatly increasing efficiency.  CAC 1000 re-circulates indoor air so there is no expense to reheat or cool air.  And at a maximum energy use of 408 watts on high speed, the Trion CAC 1000 uses about the same power of four 100 watt light bulbs.

Trion's CAC 1000 smoke eater is extremely effective at removing smoke from a room, recesses into the ceiling for minimal visual and sound presence, and costs almost nothing to maintain. If you have any questions about the Trion CAC1000 please feel free to call us at the number published below.

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