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Smokeeter FS and Smokeeter LS: Smoke Eater Review

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United Air Specialist's FS and LS SmokeeterŪ

Commercial Smoke Eater Expert"Commercial Smokeeter LS and FS are installed with ducting above the ceiling and out of view to effectively filter dirty, smoky air while saving you money..."


I have been selling my customers commercial smoke eaters for several years now and my experience has taught me that most restaurants, nightclubs and casinos prefer electrostatic air cleaners that are quiet and hidden from their customers view compared to a smoke eater system that is attached to the wall or ceiling and requires costly filter replacement.

The Smokeeter FSŪ and Smokeeter LSŪ manufactured by United Air Specialists are ideal for moderate to heavy smoke removal in an interior space were it is important to maintain a theme or decor - these air cleaning systems are designed to be installed above the ceiling with only the supply and return grilles visible.  These commercial air cleaners are extremely quiet because the lower horsepower fan motor is hidden away above the ceiling and not exposed to your customers.

The Smokeeter FSŪ and Smokeeter LSŪ work independently from your building's HVAC, so there is no need for complicated air handling calculations or replacing existing vents.  These electronic air cleaners are available with a wide variety of their own ducts, grilles and accessories allowing you to customize them to fit any room configuration.  In fact, the best thing about the FS and LS, with the intake and outflow separated by ducting, is you can set up an extremely effective airflow or air curtain that will continuously sweep away contaminated air from a bar or smoking section that prevent smoke from wandering into a non smoking area.

The Smokeeter FSŪ and Smokeeter LSŪ use electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology instead of large amounts of media filters to clean the air.  Electrostatic Precipitators work much like a magnet; contaminated particles are drawn through the unit and receive a positive charge from the ionizer located within the electrostatic air cleaner.  The air then passes through stacked plates that put out a negative charge, pulling particles through the air to the collection plates.  The air then passes through a smaller activated carbon filter, removing odors and ozone and allowing the cleaned air to be re-circulated back into the room.  If you need to clean the air in more than one room these models can also be ducted to effectively clean multiple rooms simply by running additional duct-work within the false ceiling to the other locations.

Generally, electrostatic smoke eaters like the FS and LS are capable of economically filtering larger volumes of air compared to media based smoke eaters (which alternatively catch every particle, yet tend to load up the mechanical filter very quickly under heavy use - this then requires consistent costly filter replacement).  Even as an electrostatic unit, these innovative air purifiers are designed to collect airborne particles as small as 0.01 microns.  For facilities that perform regular maintenance to these air cleaners, electrostatic air cleaners are a real money saver, since regularly cleaned electrostatic filters never require replacement.  High airflow and low air resistance makes an FS and LS electrostatic precipitators an ideal system for handling air from multiple rooms.

The Smokeeter FSŪ air cleaners are used in all Applebee's Restaurants to not only maitain a comfortable environment for their customers, but also a cleaner, safer environment for their employees as well.  These air purifying machines are also perfect for businesses, offices or anyplace suffering from sick building syndrome. 

My customers who have purchased these high quality units have commented frequently about reduced energy costs.  Cost savings come from the reduced horsepower motor and by continually re-circulating the filtered air instead of just exhausting it outside. Exhausting air to the outside requires constant re-heating or re-cooling of the indoor air which can easily increase your energy bill by 50% or more.

If you have any questions about the FS or LS air cleaning systems manufactured by United Air Specialists please fill free to call me at the toll free number that is listed below.


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