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AQE MiracleAir CM12 / MiracleAir CM12 Deluxe: Smoke Eater Review

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MiracleaAir CM12 Review

Smoke Eater Product Reviewer."The AQE MiracleAir CM12 Deluxe restaurant or hospitality smoke eater is for people who would rather occasionally replace filters than spend time doing regular preventative maintenance..."

AQE Miracle Air CM12 Smoke Eater

The MiracleAir CM12 commercial smoke eaters and especially the MiracleAir Deluxe CM12 commercial smoke eater made by Air Quality Engineering provide a high level of air filtration via HEPA like filtration and odor and gas adsorbing carbon media air cleaning technologies. 

The combination of HEPA like filters and blended carbon, unlike electrostatic filtration, provides the highest level of filtration for smoke and odors. Purely electrostatic smoke eaters can quickly filter large amounts of heavy smoke at a pretty fast rate that is generally adequate for large, smoke filled bars.  However, without adequate amounts of carbon or specially designed odor neutralizing cartridges, a purely electrostatic air cleaner will not out perform a carbon based air cleaner such as the MiracleAir CM12 when it comes to removing tobacco smoke odors.   The MiracleAir is better suited for filtering moderate amounts of smoke and odors to a very clean level in a restaurant smoking section, conference room or lobby where any smoke odor will cause a problem. AQE Miracle Air filter replacement is usually as infrequent as once or twice a year.  Both the MiracleAir CM12 and CM12 Deluxe are high quality, efficient air cleaning machines that filter an adequate volume of air (850 CFM with fresh filters) for a 750 square foot room with 8 ft ceilings.  No other commercial smoke eater in its size and class has more filter media than the Miracle Air CM12 and MiracleAir CM12 Deluxe.  This allows a longer life for these highly efficient disposable HEPA filters.

The Deluxe model of the Miracle Air CM12 provides even greater removal of tobacco smoke gases and harmful carcinogens than the standard model.  HEPA like filters remove airborne particles which cuts down on a large amount of smoke and odor, but for a hospitality or restaurant environments that require clean, odor free air, gas removal must be addressed.  While the CM12 comes standard with 5 pounds of activated carbon, the CM12 Deluxe has an amazing 22 pounds of a blend of 80% activated carbon and 20% potassium permanganate.  The added advantage of potassium permanganate (sometimes referred to as Super Blend or Deluxe Blend) is that it creates a chemical reaction that strips harmful gases from the air.  While activated carbon is great for removing gases and odor from the air, this blend found in the CM 12 Deluxe makes it superior in removing specific harmful gases in tobacco smoke produced by cigarettes.

Specifically designed for unobtrusive operation in quiet public places, the MiracleAir CM12 and MiracleAir CM12 Deluxe feature a variable speed controller that allows you to set the fan to the minimum speed necessary to address the specific level of smoke at any given time.  Depending upon your requirements, you can control the airflow from 0 to 850 cubic feet per minute.  To conveniently use this feature, you will definitely want to get the remote wall mount control, otherwise, you will have to stand on a ladder to adjust the air speed.  At any speed, you will appreciate how the unique sound baffle technology makes the CM12 and CM12 Deluxe some of the quietest commercial air cleaners on the market.

Designed to mount directly to the surface of your ceiling, they have a pretty small profile when installed, only sticking out about a foot.  The entire unit occupies two standard 2'x2' ceiling tiles.

If you have any questions about these commercial smoke eaters... please feel free to call the phone number below and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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