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Trion SE400E: Smoke Eater Review

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"Many consumers are put off by air purifiers because they look bulky and obtrusive.  Trion's SE400E is so nice looking and quiet, you won't know it's there.

Trion's SE400E air purifier is one of the best looking, most soundly engineered electrostatic air cleaners I've seen in my many years in this industry.  This is a versatile unit that can be used in a recreation room, den, or small restaurant.  It's quiet, yet powerful 400 cfm fan can effectively clean the air up to 650 square feet.  SE400E uses the same innovative technology Trion uses for cleaning the air on U.S. Navy submarines.

The SE400E is an (ESP) electrostatic precipitator.   In this system, air enters the filter and particles pass through an electrical field that imparts a positive charge to these particles.  The charged particles then pass negatively charged collector plates, trapping the harmful contaminants like a powerful magnet.  The collector plates remove easily and are washable, eliminating the need and expense of replacement filters.

Benefits of the Trion SE400E...

This compact air purifier provides the largest collection area for a unit its size.  The SE400E works in conjunction with existing heating and air conditioning systems and installs easily in a 2' x 2' ceiling panel, or can be flush, surface or wall mounted.  It's low profile design requires no elaborate installation or ductwork.  This versatile smoke eater can be used for either light commercial or high end residential applications. 

Features of the Trion SE400E...

The SE400E features the highly efficient Coanda air flow system.  This is a 4-way, 360 degree air recirculation system engineered to deliver optimum air volume changes.  This system continually filters the air; contaminated air enters the intake in the center of the unit and the side discharge returns the purified air in 4 directions.

This electronic air cleaner removes up to 95% of tobacco smoke, dust, lint, pollen, bacteria and mold spores.  A service light indicator alerts you when cleaning is due or the power is off.  By re-circulating clean indoor air, SE400E helps save on ever rising energy costs.

The Trion SE400E cleans the air and looks good doing it...

The unique design of this smoke eater allows installation at a variable depth.  By using the mounting bracket, you can slide the unit up part way into the ceiling. You can leave only 2 inches exposed, or 5 inches sticking out, or any depth you like.  I've sold many of these quality air purifiers to restaurants, bars, offices and homes.  Not only is the SE400E aesthetically pleasing, it really cleans the air for a machine its size.


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