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AQE C12: Smoke Eater Review

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smoke eater product review expert"Are your customers and employees annoyed by second hand smoke?  The right air purifier can make everyone happy and comfortable."

During my many years in the air quality industry I've watched the issue of secondhand smoke go from being a nuisance to a genuine health concern.  Your customers happiness and your employees health directly affect your bottom line.  Let's look at the best air purifier for cleaning second hand smoke.

The AQE C12 is a compact, powerful, stand alone air purifier.  This commercial air cleaner offers a 3 speed, maintenance free motor (1250 cfm), making it the most powerful electronic air cleaner in its price range.  Innovative German engineering allows this unit to effectively cover up to 1,000 square feet. 

 The AQE C12 is an (ESP) electrostatic precipitator.   These units use collector plates that act as large magnets that use static electricity to collect contaminated airborne particles.  Inside, the ionization process begins when high voltage electrodes impart a negative charge to the particles contained in the gas or smoke.  These negatively charged particles are then attracted to collection plates which are positively charged.  Clean air is then evenly dispersed throughout the room.

Benefits of the AQE C12...

A great feature of the AQE C12 is that it is not hard-wired, so it can be plugged into any electrical  outlet easily.  This compact, stand alone machine doesn't require mounting brackets.  Simply mounted or hung to a hard ceiling.  Smart design and engineering make the motor maintenance free and there are no expensive filters to replace, making this one of the most cost efficient electrostatic air cleaners available.

The aluminum mesh pre-filter that comes with the AQE C12 is washable, also keeping costs down.  This quality commercial air purifier requires little maintenance to further reduce costs.

Features of the AQE C12...

The AQE C12 features the highly efficient Coanda air flow system.  This is a 4-way, 360 degree air recirculation system.  The Coanda principle works with the natural, upward movement of air versus the typical horizontal approach.  The unit is installed directly overhead in trouble spots to capture and isolate smoke before it disperses.  By eliminating dead air spots, more air is moved, allowing for more efficient air purification.  This uniform circulation pattern helps to save on energy costs.

AQE C12 uses several electrostatic collector plates, providing superior removal of harmful particulate matter. For cleaning; simply spray the plates, rinse, dry and reinstall.  An optional wash kit is available.

The AQE C12 has the most power for its price...

My customers that own or manage restaurants and bars are continually looking for cost effective ways to reduce smoke and improve their businesses environment.  This is my best selling air cleaner to remove hazardous secondhand smoke.  This unit is so easy to set up and just plug in and enjoy the immediate benefits of clean air.  Satisfy your customers and protect your employees at the same time with the AQE C12.


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