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UAS Crystal-Aire: Smoke Eater Review

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UAS Crystal-Aire Review

smoke eater professional"Looking for a smoke eater and don't see one that fits your needs?  Create your own custom built system to meet your requirements"

UAS Crystal Aire smoke eater

I've received many calls over the years from customers with specific needs looking for commercial air purifiers.  The UAS Crystal-Aire allows you to custom engineer this electronic air cleaner to fit your particular application.  The Crystal-Aire's flexible design allows this unit to be adapted to most building configurations.  It's also able to service more than one room at a time with several filtration options.  The UAS Crystal-Aire is a good choice for laboratories, healthcare facilities, animal shelters and cigar bars.

Benefits of the UAS Crystal-Aire...

Crystal-Aire is specifically designed for the removal of smoke, dust and other harmful contaminants from the air.  This highly flexible system allows you to choose the right module for your specific application.

All Crystal-Aire air cleaner cabinets are modular and feature heavy-duty 18 gauge galvanized steel construction.  The modular design allows interlocking with other Crystal-Aire module's.  Innovative design makes this concealed system virtually invisible to customers or guests.  The flexibility provided by this air purifier gives you unlimited options to improve your air quality.

Features of the UAS Crystal-Aire...

Crystal-Aire gives you the flexibility to add as many different modules as needed to solve your smoke or contaminated air problems.  The following module options are available:

electrostatic precipitator Electrostatic
filter media
Crystal-Air Smoke Eater

Pre filter media

bag filter media
Bag Filter

activated carbon
Activated Carbon

Crystal-Aire Modules

Motor/Blower Module

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Module

Bag Filter Module

Box Filter Module

Odor Control Module

Fresh Air Inlet

Whatever your requirements, one or a combination of these modules can solve your air quality issues.  An airflow of up to an amazing 1,500 CFM can be achieved to help improve the atmosphere of your customers, employees and guests.  This highly effective system especially helps the problem of air mixing in adjacent smoking/non-smoking sections.

The UAS Crystal-Aire provides you the most options...

With this system you can custom build the right air purification modules to meet your specific needs and fit your budget.  You won't find a more flexible system that removes second hand smoke and other harmful particulate matter to provide clean, pure air.

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