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NQ Clarifier Deluxe: Smoke Eater Review

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Expert residential smoke eater product reviewer.
"Itchy eyes, runny nose, difficulty breathing?  Then purify your home with the most advanced home air purifier on the market"

When I have customers tell me that basic smoke eaters don't relieve their discomfort, I suggest the NQ Clarifier Deluxe.  This is the finest product available for removal of germs, viruses and bacteria from the air you breathe.  It eliminates these harmful microorganisms by exposing them to germicidal ultraviolet and 5 stages of advanced filtration.  This is a great UV air purifier for those who suffer from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity).

NQ Clarifier Cigar Smoke Eater

Benefits of the NQ Clarifier Deluxe...

If you are concerned about airborne bacteria and viruses, suffer from allergies, want to remove chemicals and odors, or require hospital grade filtration, this versatile air cleaner is your best choice.

NQ ClarifierNQ Clarifier Deluxe comes with 15 pounds of granulated activated carbon to provide maximum reduction of chemicals and odors.  A special blended carbon media is available with potassium permanganate added to further protect chemically sensitive individuals.

The pleated HEPA pre-filter is washable, adding longer life and reducing costs.  Clarifier Deluxe has an easy to use control panel and an airflow monitor to indicate when filters need changing.  This units quiet, highly efficient motor uses little electricity, even when operating continuously.

This made in the USA quality home air cleaner has 2 Ultraviolet lamps that generate 13,000 microwatts to effectively inactivate bacteria and viruses.

Features of the NQ Clarifier Deluxe...

The Clarifier Deluxe uses a powerful 5-stage filtration process to remove the greatest spectrum of pollutants.  First, the carbon impregnated pre-filter absorbs odors and particulates.  Second, a 15 pound carbon media drum further soaks in gases, chemicals and odors.  Third, 80 square feet of HEPA cloth filters particulates down to 0.3 microns.  Fourth, Ultraviolet lamps filter and destroy harmful airborne germs and viruses within the UV chamber.  In the fifth and final stage, excess contaminants are removed by a carbon post-filter.

air cleaner airflow diagramAlthough this unit can clean an area up to 1,500 square feet with over 6 air changes per hour with its innovative topflow air discharge system, NQ Clarifier Deluxe is most effective up to 660 square feet.  This intelligently designed home air purifier is on casters to allow for easy movement.

Improve your health with the NQ Clarifier Deluxe...

If you need a powerful and reliable UV air purifier that removes a wide range of germs and contaminants, the Clarifier Deluxe is the best air purifier your money can buy.  This highly effective unit is perfect for individuals who suffer from sensitivity to smoke, chemicals, gases, and other airborne pollutants.

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