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AQE Everclear Deluxe: Smoke Eater Review

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smoke eater reviewer, engineer"Sometimes just removing smoke from the air isn't enough.  When odor control is also an issue, look at AQE's Everclear Deluxe, known as The Odor Eliminator."

Ever Clear Deluxe smoke eater

The AQE Everclear Deluxe is a top of the line air purifier.  When my customers in cigar bars, country clubs and fine dining restaurants are looking for a quality smoke eater, the Everclear Deluxe is the model I always suggest.

This particular air cleaner is designed with an attractive grille that fits flush with the ceiling and is completely inconspicuous because the cabinet remains in the unused space above the ceiling.  Everclear deluxe's unique internal sound baffle makes this commercial air purifier as silent as it is invisible.

Benefits of the AQE Everclear Deluxe...

This media based smoke eater contains 44 pounds of absorbent media, the most of any pre-packaged unit.  The absorbent media is an innovative combination of activated carbon and potassium permanganate.  The activated carbon is like a molecular magnet.  The carbon has millions of tiny holes that form interconnected passages that trap and adsorb harmful molecules.  Adsorbtion is a physical action based on molecular forces.  When contaminated air is brought into contact with it, the activated carbon holds the impurities on its internal surfaces.  The added benefit of potassium permanganate is that it is a chemical oxidizing agent that destroys and dissolves particulate matter.  By doing this, not only is the smoke eliminated, but also the odor.   

Features of the AQE Everclear Deluxe...

The Everclear Deluxe has a 95% D.O.P. filter, giving it more filter media than any other unit on the market.  This top of the line air purifier captures both gaseous and particulate contaminants.  Besides its inconspicuous design, it's very quiet and has a wall control dial.  This powerful smoke eater is ideal for rooms up to 700 square feet.  Everclear Deluxe features a Coanda airflow system, maximizing the amount of air moved while maintaining high energy efficiency.  This quiet air purifier comes with a solid state, variable speed controller that allows for easy adjustments to airflow.

The AQE Everclear Deluxe is ideal for Cigar Bars, Fine Dining and Country Clubs...

I've sold many of these air cleaners to high-end dining establishments not only because the Everclear Deluxe is aesthetically pleasing, but also because it really removes harmful second hand smoke and unpleasant odors.

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