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UAS VisionAir2: Smoke Eater Review

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Expert residential smoke eater product reviewer.
"Are you underestimating the amount of indoor air pollution in your establishment?  Irritating secondhand smoke, pollen, bacteria and viruses may be costing you customers and making employees ill.

AQE x400 Smoke Eater

In recent years, indoor air quality has been recognized as a serious health issue.  Research has shown that indoor air pollution can be much worse than outdoor air pollution.  Respiratory tract infections in the United States cost billions of dollars annually for health care and lost work hours.  A good air purifier can easily pay for itself by keeping your customer base happy and your employees healthy.

More often than not, when customers leave your restaurant or lounge and their eyes are burning and irritated and their clothes smell of smoke, they won't say a word to you about it.  They just simply won't be back.

My experience has led me to the UAS VisionAir2 commercial air purifier as the right machine to improve air quality for virtually any application.  This state of the art air cleaner comes with a variety of options making this model the Cadillac of indoor air purifiers.

Benefits of the UAS VisionAir2...

This is the best engineered, most attractive looking commercial air cleaner available today.  VisionAir2 is so powerful it can clean the air effectively up to 12,000 square feet!  This is the new flagship product from UAS, a proven name in the air purification industry.

VisionAir2 offers 2 installation options; flush mounted or surface mounted on a wall or in a ceiling, which is usually the best method.  This innovative unit comes with a counter timer to alert you when the filters need changing.  VisionAir2 has a pre-filter, main filter and an activated carbon post-filter, all of which are easy to change.

vision air 2 smokeeter

Features of the UAS VisionAir2...

This is one of the best air purifiers around because it offers so many innovative features.  VisionAir2 comes standard with an automatic air monitor that constantly measures the particulates in the air and adjusts the airflow accordingly.  This makes an already energy efficient machine even a bigger cost saver.

One version of the VisionAir2 is the Sterile Air unit that is a uv air purifier.  This version uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.  This powerful ultraviolet air purifier also kills mold spores which helps eliminate musty odors.  This system also works well on tobacco smoke to remove smoke odor.

Another type of VisionAir2 is the Odor Free version.  This unit is particularly effective in area's with high concentrations of odors.  It's highly efficient carbon filter traps particulates and odors and it even has an optional air freshener.  This is a great air purifier for eliminating offensive smells in hospitals and nursing homes.

Don't let bad indoor air have a negative effect on your business.  With the UAS VisionAir2 you can provide a pleasant setting for your customers and a healthier environment for your employees.  Clean air is serious business, don't put your trust in a Kia quality air cleaner when VisionAir2 gives you the quality and performance of a Cadillac.


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