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AQE X-11Q: Smoke Eater Review

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smoke eater panel member"Do your customers and employees complain their hair and clothes smell like an ashtray?  Is there any air purifier that REALLY gets rid of smoke?

AQE x11Q Smoke Eater

I've been selling commercial air purifiers to hospitals, beauty shops, bars and bowling centers for several years.  Many of my customers were highly skeptical about the effectiveness of air cleaners when they first approached me about them.  Some smoke eaters remove smoke from the air, but annoying odors are still left behind.  By using the right electronic air purifier you can not only eliminate harmful smoke, but unpleasant odor that often drives customers away.

The AQE X-11Q is an (ESP) electrostatic precipitator.   These units have collector plates that act as large magnets that use static electricity to collect contaminated airborne particles. These plates are simple to wash, rinse, dry and re-install.  You can see for yourself how much harmful particulate matter you are removing from the air by the amount of residue on the plates.  The X-11Q is the best selling of all electrostatic air cleaners.

Benefits of the AQE X-11Q...

This is a self-contained air purifier that mounts flush into a dropped ceiling - designed to replace a 2' x 4' or 2' x 2' ceiling tile.  Not only is this unit inconspicuous, its 3-speed fan is so quiet and efficient (1250 cfm) you won't know the unit is there.

The X-11Q features a COANDA airflow system which provides a 360 degree circulation of clean air.  This efficiently maximizes intake of contaminated air to the unit while at the same time eliminating annoying drafts.  By cleaning the air instead of exhausting it, X-11Q is cheap to operate, averaging just 25 cents per day.

Using innovative design and COANDA airflow, this unit is capable of cleaning a room of 50 people up to 1000 square feet, depending upon the contaminant level.

Features of the AQE X-11Q...

The AQE X-11Q features industrial-rated electronic filtration cells.  This powerful air cleaner offers long lasting washable pre-filters and has an activated carbon after-filter for extra adsorption to further reduce odor levels.  Making installation even easier, the X-11Q is a plug-in unit that requires no hard-wiring.  This highly rated smoke eater also has a wash kit available for your convenience.

The AQE X-11Q can improve your sales...

My customers that own or manage restaurants, cocktail lounges and bowling centers know that the longer their customers linger, the more they spend.  You can make their visit more pleasant by providing an environment that is smoke and smell free.  The AQE-X11Q is the best selling electrostatic indoor air purifier because it offers the most effective smoke removal for a competitive price.

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